The Softaculous Team has released 5.2.3. There are many improvements over the last version. The following is a list of all changes :

1) [Feature] : WordPress Mange Plugin / Theme Sets (Admin/Enduser can now create sets of plugins/themes). With this feature you can use the defined sets to be applied to new WordPress installations or even existing WordPress installations. You can follow the below guide on how to create sets and manage them :

2) [Feature] : Enabled Auto backup on Softaculous Remote / Enterprise

3) [Feature] : Clone, Staging , Push to Live now supported in Softaculous Remote.

4) [Feature] : Now added support for remote backup location (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Google Drive, Dropox) in Softaculous Remote.

5) [Feature] : Now Admin can create plans in Softaculous Enterprise.

6) [Feature] : Added the feature where admin can restrict max limit for backup, clone, staging, number of script allowed as per their control panel hosting plans.

7) [Feature] : Now user can save Sign on username from edit installation page to auto sign-on in WordPress. Guide :

8) [Feature] : Added setting to make default landing page to all scripts page with categories.

9) [Feature] : Added setting to enable force auto plugin/theme upgrade.

10) [Task] : Supported Multi-PHP version detection for VestaCP, ISPmanager, ISPconfig, Plesk, Interworx.

11) [Task] : Added support for multi sub directory levels in Google Drive backup location.

12) [Task] : Added support to add multiple admin email address.

13) [Task] : Added support to install custom script via CLI in cPanel.

14) [Security] : Enabled CSRF check in ISPmanager.

15) [Bug Fix] : On cPanel server the icons (header and left panel) was not visible in Softaculous native UI. This is fixed now.

16) [Bug Fix] : Softaculous Remote : Domain for all installations in Softaculous records was not updated when domain name is changed in edit domain. This is fixed now.

17) [Bug Fix] : On Direct Admin server if private_html folder doesn’t exist then the installation failed on HTTPS installs. This is fixed now.

18) [Bug Fix] : Admin script requirements page was not working. This is fixed now.

19) [Bug Fix] : When Auto Upgrade setting was forced by admin and when the user edited the auto upgrade setting, it used to disable the auto upgrade. This is fixed now.

20) [Bug Fix] : In auto upgrade installation even if the installation doesn’t exist , Softaculous unzips the latest files. This is fixed now.

21) [Bug Fix] : In the Admin Panel -> Import Utility, Softaculous was not detecting the correct HTTP(s) protocol. This is fixed now.

22) [Bug Fix] : In Plesk – Softaculous Admin Import from Installatron was causing issue (when the installations.php was absent). This is fixed now.

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