Softaculous Team has launched 5.6.4 in the Stable branch.

Following is the list of changes :

1) [Feature] : Added Change Password utility in WordPress Manager.

2) [Feature] : Added CLI utility to change Softaculous admin Settings. Refer to the guide.

3) [Feature] : Added get_current_url, pre_edit_installation and post_edit_installation filters.

4) [Task] : Added option in CLI List Installation utility to get the list of all users installations when logged in as root. Refer to the guide.

5) [Task] : Added option in CLI List Installation utility to get the count of installations. Refer to the guide.

6) [Task] : Updated French Translations.

7) [Bug Fix] : In WordPress Manager, when wp-cron was disabled it did not add a native cron job in the user’s control panel. This is fixed now.

8) [Bug Fix] : When Cloning, Staging a WordPress installation the custom CSS set via Elementor was not replicated correctly. This is fixed now.

9) [Bug Fix] : When installing a WordPress Plugin/Theme Set the plugins were activated but theme was not activated. This is fixed now, if there is only one theme in the set it will be activated.

10) [Bug Fix] : In Directadmin, the PHP version was not detected correctly for sub-domains when using Multi PHP. This is fixed now.

11) [Bug Fix] : In ISPConfig, in some cases when the client id is 0 the database was not created. This is fixed now.

We will be adding more features in the upcoming versions.

The Softaculous Team

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