Softaculous Team has launched 5.8.9 in the Stable branch.

Following is the list of changes :

1) [Feature] : Blesta and WHMCS WordPress Manager module now supports Interworx control panel.

2) [Improved] : Added support for PHP 8.1

3) [Bug Fix] : Backup to AWS S3 failed on some very huge installations. This is fixed now.

4) [Bug Fix] : Installations of large backups to Dropbox which took more than 4 hours to complete failed due to Dropbox tokens now being short-lived i.e. 4 hours. This is fixed now.

5) [Bug Fix] : In Webuzo, CLI installation of script was not working. This is fixed now.

6) [Bug Fix] : In Webuzo when using a Custom panel port, Softaculous did not load. This is fixed now.

7) [Bug Fix] : In Plesk, while Cloning or Staging large installations in some rare cases caused MySQL connection timeout. This is fixed now.

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