The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.7.1.
This version introduces a major new Feature many improvements & bug fixes.


1) Apache Subversion Management(SCM) integrated into Webuzo. Refer this guide to bring your code under Source Control Management.

2) New Architecture for Application Managers to provide fast updates, bug fixes and security patches outside Webuzo releases.


3) Let’s Encrypt Certificate’s will now be updated 30 days before the renewal date.

4) Updated the Let’s Encrypt utility(ACME.SH) which is used to issue and renew certificate.

5) Application Config editor’s can now be resized freely instead of a fixed size.

6) Optimized Pure-FTPd quota check to reduce server load.

7) While downloading backup files Browser’s will now display the total file size and the time to download.

8) Added a CLI utility to make Webuzo aware of the backups files uploaded in the /var/webuzo/backup directory. Refer this guidefor more information

9) Exim and Dovecot now support SSL/TLS connections. *

Bug Fixes:

10) Fixed many bugs related to Apache Tomcat Management and configuration.

11) If PHP is running as a service, then editing it’s config file will trigger a restart.

12) Webuzo and numerous other Application service files have been updated so that the service will start up even after a hard reboot. It’s recommended to update all the Applications to the latest version.

13) When multiple Web Servers were installed, restarting the server would cause the non-default Web Server to start up on some servers, this is now fixed.

14) Let’s Encrypt certificate used for the panel was not reloaded after the renewal process, required a manual restart of the Webuzo service, this is now done automatically.

App Updates:

15) Node.js updated to the latest LTS release. Refer this guide to configure Node.js in Webuzo #

16) MariaDB 10.3 the latest version in the 10.x series, launched .

17) Updated Pure-FTPd to the latest LTS release.

18) MySQL 8.0 launched, the latest version by the MySQL Community in the 8.X series.

19) Updated Tomcat 7 & 8 to the latest version.

* Both APP’s must be updated to the latest version
# This is a generic configuration, steps for your application might vary.

The upcoming version will bring more exciting Improvements, features and changes.

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