Cloud Site Builder 1.4.5 Launched in Stable branch


We have launched Cloud Site Builder 1.4.5 in the Stable branch.[Improvement] Added the option to save the popup cookie on closing as well.

1) [Improvement] Added Cell Width options for Table Cells.

2) [Improvement] In Social Share Widget, added the profile name option for Instagram, Skype, Dribbble, etc.

3) [Improvement] Copyright text can now be saved from the Widget itself while editing in Cloud Site Builder.

4) [Task] Default values for Archive Posts have been set for better compatibility in responsive mode.

5) [Task] In testimonial sliders if there is no image set for a testimonial, then no image will be shown. Earlier the Cloud Site Builder default image was shown.

6) [Bug-Fix] The Star widget would not show full coverage when 5 stars were set. This is fixed.

7) [Bug-Fix] Unnecessary new lines were being entered in certain widgets. This is fixed.

8) [Bug-Fix] While saving the Address, Phone Number, etc in Cloud Site Builder Contact Settings, certain special characters were getting a Slash Prefix. This is fixed.

9) [Bug-Fix] In Modal Popup, the live view was not being set correctly when the close option was set to outside. This is fixed.

The Cloud Site Builder Team

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