Cloud and vps platform upgrade, new features, and big sale for our favorite people

Cloud and VPS Platform Upgrade, New Features, and Big Sale for Our Favorite People

You may have noticed some recent changes with the VPS services or with the control panel’s drastic change in appearance as of late. This is the result of our slow-rollout of the upgraded KVM VPS and Cloud platforms. Many clients have been addressed individually regarding these upgrades and we’re assured there would be benefits, but

Choosing a dedicated server operating system

Choosing a Dedicated Server Operating System

Rad Web Hosting offers over 20 operating systems for dedicated servers. Choosing the appropriate operating system is STEP ONE in ensuring a quality experience with your dedicated server. What Operating Systems Are Available? You can view the full list of currently available operating systems (last edit: 05/28/2020) here: CentOS 6 – 32 bit CentOS 6

Configure ntp time servers on centos 7

Configure NTP Time Servers on CentOS 7

This purpose of this article is to help you to configure the NTP Client to synchronize with NTP Servers in CentOS 7. Pre-requisites This guide assumes the following conditions: server with CentOS 7 installed user with root-equivalent privileges Install ntpd and ntpdate First, You need to install the ntpd and ntpdate clients on your Linux host.

Automated backups

Use Softaculous Automated Backups

What are Automated backups? Automated Backups is a system that automatically copies your data into an archive which can be used to restore the files to the original state. By automating a backup through a regular back up system, you don’t have to back up your data manually. The automated backups are performed through cronjob/scheduled tasks. How does Softaculous Automated Backups

Prevent breaking your live website with our staging feature

Prevent Breaking Your Live Website with Our Staging Feature

What is Staging? The staging environment is a copy of your production website where you can preview any changes or upgrades before you apply them on your production website. This prevents any downtime or unexpected errors on your live website. Why Risk your production website when you can play safe with our Staging tool! How