Small business relief assistance for business and web continuity and presence during covid-19 crisis

Small Business Relief Program for Business Impacted by Covid-19 Crisis to Assist with Web Hosting and VPS Servers for up to 12-months

  Rad Web Hosting has enacted the Small Business Relief Effort, effective immediately, to assist businesses impacted by Covid-19 health and economic crises. DALLAS, TX JUNE 30, 2020 — We are announcing Small Business Relief Program for businesses impacted by Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, effective immediately,  to offer assistance with Web Hosting and VPS Hosting Services for

40% off pre-built dedicated servers

Rad Web Hosting Announces 1-hour Deployment of Pre-built Dedicated Servers

Rad Web Hosting is providing 40% off pre-built dedicated servers with as fast as 1-hour server deployment. Rad Web Hosting provides Pre-built Dedicated Servers Hosting from the Tier 3+ Phoenix, Arizona datacenter. PHOENIX, AZ, JUNE 10, 2020 — RAD WEB HOSTING, a leading provider of web hosting services, including KVM VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

40% off pre-built dedicated servers

Save up to 40% Off Pre-Built Dedicated Servers | Free 1Gbps Upgrade

We are pleased to announce our latest dedicated server offers on Pre-built Dedicated Servers, which can be deployed in under 60 minutes! As we introduce this new service, we are also providing lifetime discounts of up to 40% plus free 1Gbps port upgrades! How Do Pre-Built Dedicated Servers Work? Pre-built servers are a relatively simple method

Renting dedicated server with bitcoin just got less expensive

Renting a Dedicated Server with Bitcoin Just Got Cheaper

DALLAS, TX, MARCH 30, 2020 — RAD WEB HOSTING, a leading provider of web hosting services, including KVM VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting is pleased to reveal Bitcoin Incentive Program for Dedicated Servers. This new program provides additional incentives for cryptocurrency payments over traditional currencies, by offering an exclusive BTC marketplace with private offers and

Cloud and vps platform upgrade, new features, and big sale for our favorite people

Cloud and VPS Platform Upgrade, New Features, and Big Sale for Our Favorite People

You may have noticed some recent changes with the VPS services or with the control panel’s drastic change in appearance as of late. This is the result of our slow-rollout of the upgraded KVM VPS and Cloud platforms. Many clients have been addressed individually regarding these upgrades and we’re assured there would be benefits, but

Phoenix cloud vps now powered by increased network capacity and 100% ssd storage

Phoenix Cloud VPS Now Powered by Increased Network Capacity and 100% SSD Storage

Improve connection speed between your business and your clients with SSD-powered Cloud VPS servers backed by the optimized Phoenix network. Benefits of Increased Network Capacity Get the network capacity to handle all of the mission-critical web and application services your business relies upon. Network lag should never slow you down. Don’t let users get sidetracked

Phoenix dc now deploying kvm vps and dedicated servers on asia-optimized network

Phoenix DC Now Deploying KVM VPS and Dedicated Servers on ASIA-Optimized Network

We are pleased to announce that, as of May 1st, the Phoenix Data Center is available for public consumption of KVM VPS servers and dedicated servers. We’ve been busy building servers since the official launch, and sincerely regret the delayed blog notice. Clients familiar with our Dallas service will be glad to know we’ve stocked