In today’s Internet, preparation is key. The level of preparation businesses and organizations employ oftentimes determine their future. Keeping up with the increasing frequency and size of DDoS attacks is a responsible measure that will prevent untold damages to a business’s assets and reputation.

In order to continually offer the best possible Enterprise Services to clients, Rad Web Hosting is now offering 500Gbps DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers. Hosting your websites and applications behind our massive 500Gbps DDoS protection ensures that your business operations will remain uninterrupted if your business becomes a target of DDoS attacks.

Do I Need DDoS Protection?

Hijackers, Internet terrorists, and sometimes, even competitors use DDoS to take down websites and mission-critical online applications for various reasons. As DDoS attacks become more prevalent, it is important to have a plan in place keeping attacks from interrupting your business operations. Protect your websites and applications from the nuisance of DDoS attacks.

How Much is 500Gbps?

500 Gigabits per second is a lot, but the average attack size is growing. The average DDoS attack is 26Gbps as of Q2 2018, which represents a 400% increase over the previous year.

DDoS Protection is becoming increasingly critical to protecting businesses operations against service disruptions. Enterprise DDoS Protection is ideal for any business or organization that relies on continual uptime for business-critical applications and services.

Affordable Rates for Invaluable Service

DDoS Protection can be a very expensive service to maintain. Many organizations choose not to pay the exorbitant fees, leaving themselves vulnerable to attack. Rad Web Hosting has a better solution: affordable DDoS Protection for businesses. Enterprise coverage starts at only $40 per month for 500Gbps protection.

Get 500Gbps DDoS Protection to Protect Your Business

Don’t wait until after an attack to get serious about DDoS protection. We have affordable rates for our impenetrable 500Gbps DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers right now. Purchase today or speak with us for more information.

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