Softaculous Team has launched 5.5.3 in the Stable branch.

Following is the list of changes :

1) [Feature] : Added CLI utility to find and update the correct version in Softaculous for installations that are manually upgraded (without using Softaculous). Refer to the guide here.

2) [Bug Fix] : While importing installations from a remote server, if the remote server had a very low PHP/Webserver timeout the database was not imported properly. This has been improved to export the database from source server in parts to avoid timeout.

3) [Bug Fix] : Emojis used in installations were not copied correctly during Clone, Staging, Push to Live, Remote Import, Backups and Restore. This has been fixed now.

4) [Bug Fix] : When bulk importing installations, if the installation was done with another auto installer and the option to import from other auto installer as well as manually installed scripts, Softaculous used to import duplicate installations for such installations. This is fixed now.

5) [Bug Fix] : If the Auto Backup Rotation was set as ‘Unlimited’, on the edit installation page it was pre selected as 4. Though the setting was saved correctly the dropdown was prefilled incorrectly. This is fixed now.

6) [Bug Fix] : While installing a script in sub-directory if the user added a leading slash (e.g. /dir) on the install form Softaculous was adding double slash in the URL. This is fixed now.

7) [Bug Fix] : While importing Softaculous Admin panel Settings from one server to another the auth file create to communicate with Plesk API was not updated correctly. This is fixed now.

8) [Task] : Due to a bug in CWP API, when Quota was not enabled for a particular user the space available was returned as 1MB instead of Unlimited. We have handled this in our code to consider the space available as unlimited in such cases. In all other cases the space available will be used as returned by the API. This was a bug in CWP API and not in Softaculous.

The next version of Softaculous will have more features.

The Softaculous Team

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