Softaculous Team has launched 6.0.6 in the Stable branch. This version includes Templates (Create & Restore) feature, Backup to Backblaze, PHP 8.2 support and many other improvements and bug fixes.

1) [Feature] Added Templates feature that allows you to store an installation in a template and then restore that template to any domain in the future to avoid making websites from scratch. All details like URL, Path, etc are replaced to the new ones when a template is restored. Create Template Guide. Restore Template Guide.

Softaculous 6. 0. 6 launched
50% off cpanel hosting - softaculous 6. 0. 6 launched
Softaculous 6. 0. 6 launched
50% off cpanel hosting - softaculous 6. 0. 6 launched

2) [Feature] Added support for Backup on Backblaze

3) [Improvement] Added support for PHP 8.2

4) [Improvement] The max database name length limit will now be calculated as per MySQL version installed on Webuzo and cPanel servers

5) [Improvement] In Directadmin users can now install apps on the Domain Pointers (Alias) added from the control panel

6) [Improvement] In Plesk, now admins can define a custom logo for Softaculous panel and a different custom icon for Softaculous link in Plesk panel

7) [Bug Fix] The MariaDB version detection failed on servers running MariaDB 11.x. This is fixed now.

8) [Bug Fix] While adding a user from WordPress Manager the username was not validated for special characters. This is fixed now.

9) [Bug Fix] In WordPress Manager -> Security Measures the option to Block Author Scans did not restrict Rest API. This is fixed now.

10) [Bug Fix] Due to changes in Directmin’s Delete database API in v1.662+ when removing an installation from Softaculous it did not delete the database and database user. This is fixed now.

11) [Bug Fix] In Plesk if a sub-user is created with no access to website and domain management the Softaculous icon was still visible. This is fixed now.

For the next version, we are working on a set of features that will help users manage important aspects of their WordPress websites. Stay Tuned !

The Softaculous Team

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