5 minute guide to integrate whmcs vps reseller
5 minute guide to integrate whmcs vps reseller

This article provides a guide for how to integrate VPS Reseller with WHMCS. We will start by installing the WHMCS module for reselling VPS Servers. Follow the guide below to integrate VPS Reseller WHMCS module, and enable API and module connection to resell VPS hosting.

Whmcs marketplace

Getting Started with VPS Reseller with WHMCS

Please follow the below guidelines to configure your VPS Reseller with WHMCS integration.


  • WHMCS installation
  • VPS Reseller account
  • WHMCS server has ports 4081-4085 open

Install WHMCS VPS Module

  1. Download and extract the WHMCS integration [HERE].
  2. Copy the entire directory via FTP, SFTP, SCP, etc. to WHMCS directory
  3. Ensure the existence of /<your_whmcs_location>/modules/servers/rad_cloud
  4. Ensure the existence of /<your_whmcs_location>/modules/addons/rwhserverimport

Get API Credentials

  1. A VPS Reseller Welcome Email was sent with the required API Credentials after payment confirmation.
  2. In case you do not have this email, you can view it in your Rad Web Hosting client dashboard.
  3. Login to Rad Web Hosting client dashboard.
  4. Retrieve API key and Secret from VPS Reseller Welcome Email (Subject: “Your VPS Reseller Account is Deployed”). View guide: Viewing Email History in Hosting Dashboard
  5. Copy the API key pair credentials (these will be needed to configure WHMCS server connection).Copy api key pair

Create Server in WHMCS Admin

You must now create a server in the WHMCS admin.

  1. Login to your WHMCS admin area.Login to whmcs admin
  2. From WHMCS Admin > Setup > Apps & Integrations > Browse > Provisioning
      1. Select “Apps & Integrations” from Configuration Menu ItemsSelect'apps & integrations' from configuration menu items
      2. Choose “Browse” OptionClick'browse' button
      3. Choose “Provisioning” categoryChoose'provisioning' category
      4. Click the “VPS Reseller Module”Choose'vps reseller module'
      5. Viewing VPS Reseller Module Application DetailsWhmcs vps reseller module
  3. Click “Create New Server”. Follow directions:
      1. Module: Rad_cloud
      2. Hostname of IP Address: IP Address (provided in Welcome Email)Retrieve the cloud cluster ip address from the welcome email
      3. Username: API KEY(provided in Welcome Email)Retrieve the api key from the welcome email
      4. Password: API PASSWORD (API SECRET)(provided in Welcome Email)Retrieve the api password from the welcome emailEnter the values in the provided fields:Whmcs vps reseller module
      5. Click “Test Connection” to validate configuration. In case of error, check to ensure your WHMCS server has ports 4081-4085 opened. (View: How to Open Ports on Linux Server)
      6. Click “Add Server” to add this server to WHMCSConfigure server in whmcs - advanced mode
      7. Click “Test Connection” button to verify server connectivity:Click test connection to verify server connectivity

      You can now find the server module at WHMCS Admin > Setup > Apps & Integrations > Active:Rad web hosting whmcs module active

Rad Cloud Server Import WHMCS Addon Guide

This article provides a guide for how to enable and run the Rad Cloud Server Import WHMCS addon module.

What is Rad Cloud Server Import Addon Module?

As of v2.0.0, or later, of WHMCS VPS Reseller module, an addon module, ‘Rad Cloud Server Import’ is bundled with the ‘Rad_cloud’ server module. The ‘Rad Cloud Server Import’ addon enables possibility to import pre-configured Cloud VPS products with ‘Rad_cloud’ server integrations.

Rad cloud server import addon module

Features of Rad Cloud Server Import Addon:

  • 1-click creation of ready-to-sell Cloud VPS products
  • Setup imported products options (Product Group, Welcome Email Template, Import Level)
  • Automatic configuration of all required ‘Rad_cloud’ server options
  • From installation to VPS selling in under 3 minutes

Rad Cloud Server Import Addon Prerequisites

This guide assumes the following system and environment requirements are met:

  • Rad Cloud API Account
  • Rad_cloud server module installed & connected
  • Rad Cloud Server Import addon module installed

How to Enable Rad Cloud Server Import Addon Module for WHMCS

To enable Rad Cloud Server Import addon module for WHMCS, follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to the Addon Modules settings interface (Access from ‘/whmcs/your_admin/configaddonmods.php’, where “your_admin” is the WHMCS admin directory).
  2. Click the “Activate” button corresponding with the “Rad Cloud Server Import” module:
    Activate rad cloud server import addon module
  3. Click “Configure” to configure the module access group.
  4. Choose “Full Administrator” and click “Save Changes” to enable the settings:
    Configure access for the
  5. Navigate to ‘Rad Cloud Server Import’ from the Addons dropdown menu:
    Navigate to rad cloud server importer from addons menu
  6. (STEP 1) From the Rad Cloud Server Import Manager, click “Continue” to initiate Rad Cloud Server Import process:
    Initiate rad cloud server import addon module
  7. (STEP 2) Configure the Import Settings according to your preferences:
    Step 2: configure import settings
  8. (STEP 2) Configure the Product Group imported products should be assigned to:
    Configure product group for imported products
  9. (STEP 2) Configure the Welcome Email template imported products should use:
    Configure the welcome email template to assign to imported products
  10. (STEP 2) Select “Import Level” value (‘Lite Import’ recommended for new installs)
  11. (STEP 2) Once all options set, click “Start Importing Process” button to initiate import
  12. (STEP 3) Receive confirmation of successfully imported products and list of products:
    Step 3: successful product creation confirmation
  13. Navigate to Products/Services settings page in WHMCS Admin for overview:
    Overview of imported products from whmcs admin products/services settings page

(Recommended) Optional WHMCS Integration Customization

We also highly recommend the following steps:

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