GoDaddy does not offer Softaculous with their VPS hence some users face difficulty in installing Softaculous and need to open a support ticket with us to install Softaculous. Hence we decided to write up an article which explains the process.

Note :In order to install Softaculous you should have a control panel installed on your VPS. E.g. cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk

1. Enable Ioncube in 3rd Party PHP binary

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  • Login to your WHM as root user and go to Tweak Settings page
  • Go to PHP tab
  • Select the Ioncubecheckbox
  • Click on Save button

Enable ioncube from whm

2. SSH to your VPS

  • SSH to the VPS as the user you had chosen while setting up the VPS (GoDaddy does not allow SSH access with root user).
  • Execute the following command to escalate as root user
  • sudo su
Ssh with sudo
Ssh as user and escalate as root

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3. Softaculous Install Commands

Now that you have successfully logged in your server we will start with Softaculous installation. Execute the below commands as root to install Softaculous.

wget -N
chmod 755
Softaculous installed successfully

That’s it !

Once you see the success message you can then login to your cPanel server and find Softaculous under the Plugins page.

Accessing softaculous from whm
Search for softaculous in whm
Softaculous cpanel plugin interface
Softaculous admin panel

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