PHOENIX, AZ – November 16th, 2018 – Leading online service provider, Rad Web Hosting launches new state-of-the-art datacenter in Phoenix, AZ.  In conjunction with Evocative, Rad Web Hosting opens for business in Arizona with state-of-the-art mega digital facility in a bid to improve services rendered to its clients across the United States.

Rising to become one of the leading providers of online services ranging from web hosting to private cloud services, Rad Web Hosting has continued to steadily provide a high quality of services that are always tailored to the needs of the clients. Irrespective of the size and scale of your business network, the company provides services to every kind of digital need offering you the best and affordable hosting with adequate guidance on the best way to maximize your online presence. Rad Web Hosting also notably provides an open source Domain registration API for domain reseller clients.

In a bid to further extend their reach of impeccable service across the United States, Rad Web Hosting has recently acquired a new data center in Phoenix, Arizona. Partnering with Evocative; a company that has steadily provided Los Angeles and its environs with consistent and fast internet services for over 20 years, Rad Web Hosting plans to lay the groundwork for a new era of internet and digital servicing to its clients.

The Dallas-based hosting company has garnered wide patronage due to their standard of service and wide range of hosting plans. With over 500 deployed servers, Rad Web Hosting continues to offer flexible online service plans to meet the budget of their customers and brands. Whether you’re an individual looking to launch your first website or a company planning to run a couple of apps on different platforms, Rad Web Hosting ensures that the whole process from start to finish is as seamless as possible.

The new Phoenix Data Center which is already functional will look to provide a wider range of data services using secure and compliant internet infrastructure. Already having an established on-site operations command center, with closed circuit video surveillance and top-notch security, the facility will look to integrate other services such as Dedicated Servers and KVM VPS Services before the end of the year.

The new collaboration is intended to boost coverage to not just one of the busiest city in the USA, but also other cities in the long run. Necessary precautions have also been put in place to avoid loss of data in case of a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, with a strong employee base and 24/7 access, clients can consistently check up on their installations.

One major feature, however, is the unrivaled customer service offered by the company which is transferred to the new location. With brand new facilities in place, clients are very sure of even better customer service and treatment. The new outfit in Phoenix is also available for visits, just in case you’re one that likes to see before you commit. There is a provision for visitors to be given a tour of the facilities and for all intended questions to be addressed.

The company supports a couple of major projects such as; Django Project, Centos Web Panel and with new services like the KMS VPS Servers projected to go live by December, it is no doubt that the company plans to expand its digital reach.

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