Small Business Relief Assistance for Business and Web Continuity and Presence During Covid-19 Crisis

Small Business Relief Program for Business Impacted by Covid-19 Crisis to Assist with Web Hosting and VPS Servers for up to 12-months

  Rad Web Hosting has enacted the Small Business Relief Effort, effective immediately, to assist businesses impacted by Covid-19 health and economic crises. DALLAS, TX JUNE 30, 2020 — We are announcing Small Business Relief Program for businesses impacted by Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, effective immediately,  to offer assistance with Web Hosting and VPS Hosting Services for

Save up to 40% Off Pre-Built Dedicated Servers | Free 1Gbps Upgrade

Rad Web Hosting Announces 1-hour Deployment of Pre-built Dedicated Servers

Rad Web Hosting is providing 40% off pre-built dedicated servers with as fast as 1-hour server deployment. Rad Web Hosting provides Pre-built Dedicated Servers Hosting from the Tier 3+ Phoenix, Arizona datacenter. PHOENIX, AZ, JUNE 10, 2020 — RAD WEB HOSTING, a leading provider of web hosting services, including KVM VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting