How to install hestia control panel on rad web hosting cloud vpsThis article provides a guide for how to install Hestia Control Panel on Rad Web Hosting cloud VPS server.

What is Hestia Control Panel?

Hestia Control Panel is a lightweight and powerful control panel for the modern web.

Features of Hestia Control Panel:

Hestia System Requirements

In our guide, we will be installing Hestia control panel on a SSD Cloud VPS from Rad Web Hosting. New clients who want to give it a try, can spin up a cloud VPS with 50% off! (New clients only.)

Launch kvm vps servers

Here are specs of the server we are using during this guide:

20 GB Cloud VPS (View plans) (View Templates) (View ISOs)

How to Install Hestia Control Panel on Rad Web Hosting Cloud VPS

  1. Login to your Debian VPS or Ubuntu VPS using SSH.
  2. Run the following command as root user:
    sudo bash
  3. For customized installation, run this script to generate an extensive list of variables to apply with ‘sudo bash‘ command. Here’s a customized install command that I generated for my installation:
    sudo bash --apache yes --phpfpm yes --multiphp yes --vsftpd yes --proftpd no --named yes --mysql yes --postgresql no --exim yes --dovecot yes --sieve no --clamav yes --spamassassin yes --iptables yes --fail2ban yes --quota yes --api yes --interactive yes --password no --with-debs no --port '8083' --hostname '' --email '' --lang 'en'
  4. You can now login to your server from the Web GUI using port 8083. View a demo of Hestia web interface.


You have now installed Hestia Control Panel on your Rad Web Hosting Cloud VPS. I will leave you now, so you can give your new panel the thorough exploration it deserves.

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