Rocky linux 9 now available for vps

We are happy to to announce the arrival of Rocky Linux 9. Highly-anticipated Rocky Linux 9 brings with it numerous performance, security and development improvements…and now deploying on Rocky Linux VPS Servers.

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What is Rocky Linux?

Noteworthy: IBM acquired Red Hat Enterprise Linux in 2019. Shortly thereafter, RHEL announces CentOS Linux would no longer be supported in it’s previous form. CentOS Stream would provide upstream service for RHEL, effectively reversing the roles completely.

Rocky Linux provides a traditional alternative Enterprise Linux distribution, designed to easily replace CentOS, even having its own conversion script-with convenient file replacements from CentOS->Rocky Linux for quick and easy migration. module-designed to that is causing enthusiasts to turn heads.

What’s new in Rocky Linux 9.1?

Rocky Linux 9.1 provides notable changes/new features:

  • Peridot is a cloud-native build and release tools tailored to building, releasing and maintaining Linux distributions and forks that makes it’s debut in Rocky Linux 9.x
  • Keylime, a remote boot attestation and runtime integrity management solution using Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) is now available.
  • New module stream versions include node.js 18, php:8.1, maven:3.8, and ruby:3.1.
  • New compiler toolset versions include GCC 12, LLVM 14.0.6, Rust 1.62, and Go 1.18.
  • GNOME 40 is now available on Rocky Linux 9.x.

For full documentation: Rocky Linux 9.1 Release Notes

Launch rocky linux vps servers

How to Deploy Rocky Linux 9 VPS?

For full access to all of the upgrades, improvements and new packages, launch your own Rocky Linux 9 instance on 100% SSD VPS servers. New clients can save 25% with promo code “NEWHERE“!

OS Templates Overview

Please find an updated list of templates available for KVM VPS installations below.

Existing Linux VPS Templates

New VPS Templates

  • Rocky Linux 9 (64 bit)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this update, we encourage you to contact us for support.

For the most updated list of OS templates available, please check the KVM VPS Servers page.

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