Top 5 security features of imunify360
Imunify360 is a Linux server security solution designed to safeguard your web-based business against cyber attacks. It includes features like Intrusion Prevention and Detection system, Real-time Antivirus Protection, Network Firewall and Patch Management.

Top 5 Security Features of Imunify360

This software protects your servers from malware, remote exploits and brute force attacks. Additionally, it offers advanced firewall protection with cloud heuristics and artificial intelligence.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention and System

Imunify360 provides both Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems monitor server endpoints and traffic to identify and prevent unwanted access on their network for suspicious or malicious activity. It can also block incoming and outgoing communication to stop potential threats before they reach their intended destinations.

Imunify360’s advanced firewall utilizes cloud heuristics and artificial intelligence to detect new threats and guard servers against various assaults, such as brute force attacks. Administrators can manage IP lists based on White, Gray and Black list status in order to guarantee only legitimate users are accessing their server.

If you have either cPanel hosting or WHM reseller hosting from Rad Web Hosting, your sites are already covered by Imunify360 Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems! For cloud VPS and dedicated server users, Imunify360 is available as an addon license here or by obtaining one through Imunify360’s website.

The firewall automatically patches kernels and hosting applications without requiring reboots, guaranteeing they’re always up-to-date with the most critical security fixes. Patch checks run every four hours to protect systems from known vulnerabilities.

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Web Application Firewall

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a server-side application firewall, used to safeguard your website against malicious attacks. Imunify360 has Mod Security rules integrated that help block most attacks before they even begin.

Furthermore, it utilizes an advanced Captcha system to verify that only legitimate visitors can access your website. This reduces false positives and improves the usability of your website for actual people.

The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) offers unparalleled visibility into your server’s security by monitoring log files and banning IP addresses that display suspicious signs. This helps prevent compromise of the system, and you can monitor all events on one central dashboard in real-time.

Imunify360 also has a reputation management feature that checks to see if your website or IPs have been blocked by a blacklist and notifies you. This could be an issue for your business, since Google might remove your website from their search results.

Real-time Antivirus Protection

Imunify360 utilizes AI technology to continuously collect and analyze a vast amount of information about new attacks worldwide. It can identify and prevent any attack that could cause harm to your website in real-time, before it even commences.

Imunify360 not only scans websites for malware and phishing attempts, but it also checks emails for suspicious senders and blocks malicious links. This ensures your emails do not contain spoofed content that could infect your system or infect website visitors.

Imunify360 will quarantine a file when it detects viruses, and notify you in advance. This way, you can delete the infected file and restore it to its original state.

Another essential security measure is WebShield, which detects and displays splash screens and CAPTCHA challenges to block fraudulent traffic from bots & hackers. This conserves your server’s bandwidth by avoiding oversaturating it with unnecessary requests.

Imunify360 not only has a robust firewall, but it also incorporates an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that scans log files from multiple angles and reports the results to you. Furthermore, Imunify360 includes numerous “deny” policy rules designed to block unauthorized access attempts and enhance server security.

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Network Firewall

A network firewall is an effective way to safeguard your server and block hackers from accessing the system. Additionally, it helps limit bandwidth consumption on web servers by blocking malicious traffic.

Imunify360 provides a robust suite of firewall features to safeguard your server against hackers and malware. It uses cloud heuristics and artificial intelligence to detect emerging risks quickly.

It also has the capability for users to add their IPs to a white list and black list. This can be beneficial when protecting your servers from specific types of attacks or blocking certain countries or regions from accessing your servers.

Another key benefit is its ability to stop most attacks before they begin. This is achieved by tightly integrating with ModSecurity web application firewalls, which offer low false positive rules.

Furthermore, it has a pluggable authentication module (PAM) and intrusion prevention system with IP management to safeguard your servers against remote exploits. Furthermore, its port firewall prevents attacks against system services like FTP, SSH, and IMAP/SMTP.

Patch Management

Web hosting companies must take a multi-layered approach to information security in order to safeguard their servers from threats. Doing this allows them to prevent attacks at various levels and guarantee the server remains unaffected.

Imunify360 is an effective web hosting security software that protects your site from malware and other harmful threats by automatically scanning files for malicious injections and cleaning them up. It also enables you to view reported malware files, scan history and Proactive Defense reports right from cPanel.

Proactive Defense is an innovative feature of Imunify360 that scans script activity to protect against attacks by obfuscating command injections and other PHP-based attacks. Unlike most antivirus scanners that only detect known malware, this feature detects zero-day attacks in real time and stops them before any harm can come to your website.

Patch management is another essential feature of Imunify360, providing automatic patches to keep your Linux kernel secure without rebooting the server. Furthermore, Imunify360 enables rapid scanning to help you scan more often and ensure your system stays in optimal condition.

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Malware Scanning

Imunify360 offers a comprehensive security solution for Linux web servers that includes all essential features necessary to safeguard your server. It includes firewall, hardened PHP, patch management and an effective intrusion detection and prevention system to keep your web server secure.

Imunify360’s Malware Scanning feature detects and cleans up infected files, with a real-time dashboard to monitor malware status as well as on-demand scanning options for any directory.

To start a malware scan in Imunify360 from your cPanel account, log in and choose Scan. During the scan, you can stop it anytime by clicking a button.

After scanning, you can view the details of each file scanned. These include why it was detected, whether it was infected and if it has been cleaned.

Sometimes, malware scanners may flag some files as infected even if they aren’t. If this occurs, simply add them to the Ignore List so that future scans won’t include them.

Malware Removal

If your website has been infected with malware, Imunify360’s Malware Removal feature can help get rid of it. The tool scans the site and deletes any harmful files detected, so you won’t have to worry about any more content being infected or hacked again.

This tool can also help remove any malicious scripts installed on your site, making it safer for visitors. Furthermore, it will block unauthorized access attempts to the website and utilize an advanced Captcha system to distinguish real users from bots.

This feature can be accessed by clicking the “Cleanup” button on the Malware Scanner page. It works in a user-assisted fashion and backs up files that have been infected to reduce the risk of information loss and website malfunction after cleaning them.

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WordPress Protection

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular web applications, but hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in plugins and themes. Imunify360’s WordPress Protection features shield you against XSS, malicious PHP scripts, file traversal attacks, and brute-force password attempts.

WordPress versions prior to 6.2 may contain security holes, so it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the most up-to-date release. Furthermore, plugins that are outdated should also be avoided as they may contain bugs in their code that could be exploited.

Another way to protect your WordPress site is by restricting login attempts. Many plugins allow you to set a maximum number of attempts before your account is locked. This ensures that only authorized personnel can log into the system at any given time.

Inactive login accounts pose a significant security risk, as they can be used to attack sites managing money (PayPal, banking sites) and even infiltrate physical devices. A plugin that de-authenticates inactive accounts will stop attackers from gaining access to your admin dashboard.

WordPress brute force attacks often target weak user passwords as a potential target. Bots typically attempt different combinations until they find the correct password.


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